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Family Foster Care Ministry

ICM recruits, trains and licenses Christian families to provide home based foster care for children in need. ICM case workers provide support services depending upon the unique needs of each family. Foster home placements are made strictly on a voluntary basis with the parent or guardian of the child.

The goal of the Family Foster Care Ministry is to work toward the best long-term interest of the child while returning the child home as soon as possible. Natural families are encouraged to complete their goals as fast as they can so the child can return home as soon as possible. There may be some contact between the two families.


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Children leaving their homes bring with them many memories and attachments. These ties help form their identity which is important to maintain. Visits with the natural family are arranged by the caseworker on a regular basis.

Our Family Foster Care Ministry is not a state-funded ministry. ICM does not care for state wards nor do we accept state funding.

To foster means to nourish, cherish and encourage. Family Foster Parents provide children with food, shelter, and other day to day needs. But they also provide affection, individual care, and a Christian model so children may grow up emotionally and spiritually healthy. Foster parents receive a child care reimbursement to offset the cost of caring for the child (i.e. board, clothing and incidental expenses). Click here to learn more.