If you are in need of help or know of a family that could benefit from either our Foster Care or Parenting Partner programs we want to help. For an urgent need please call or email the ICM office and someone will be in contact with you within 12 hours.

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Family Care

Since 1967 Illini Christian Ministries, Inc. (ICM) has partnered with churches in Illinois focusing on protecting and caring for children-at-risk, preserving and restoring families. Whether the issue may be abuse, neglect, crisis pregnancy, family conflict, or the lack of an adequate support system during a crisis, ICM can help.

Parenting Partners

Parenting Partners is a volunteer-based ministry with the primary objective to strengthen and equip families in their times of crisis and need.


  • Families are DCFS licensed and monitored by ICM
  • No DCFS children are served
  • A stipend amount is given to Parenting Partners to offset cost for caring for children in care
  • Volunteer based placements
  • Biological parent maintain full custody

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Safe Families

The Safe Families program provides parents in crisis with respite care for their children, allowing them to temporarily place their children with safe and loving Christian families while addressing their current crisis.


  • Biological parent maintains custody
  • Respite care – average placement lasting anywhere from two days to 6 weeks
  • Relationship between the local church, Safe Family, and biological parent is close
  • Volunteer based placements
  • Safe Families go through online training and are monitored by ICM

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When faced with a crisis or need with whom do you turn to? Many of us rely upon family and friends to help us in our time of need, but what about the families without such support? Many families today have no one to turn to in a crisis situation. Families experiencing homelessness, drug addiction, domestic violence, mental illness, medical problems, lack of funding, and tension in the home usually find it difficult to care for their children alone. This leaves their children vulnerable for abuse and/ or neglect as they struggle with their hardships and circumstances without support.

At ICM we strive to mobilize churches and Christians to fulfill the biblical call to care for vulnerable children, and support families in crisis. A possible solution for a family in crisis is found in our Family Care Ministry through either our Parenting Partner or Safe Families programs, an alternative to child welfare custody. Placed in loving Christians homes voluntarily, children are temporarily cared for by Christian families while the biological parent gets the help they need with the goal always being reunification.