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It is the policy of Illini Christian Ministries to prohibit preferential treatment to any of our board members, contributors, volunteers, employees, agents, consultants, or independent contractors or their relatives. Preferential treatment means any action that would allow any party to receive considerations with respect to the placement of a child, or any matter related to adoption services, differently or more favorably than any other applicant.


Intercountry Adoption

UNICEF currently estimates that there are approximately 15 million orphans available for adoption worldwide. Intercountry adoption is a unique way that families can pursue expanding their family by means of adoption. Illini Christian Ministries provides home study services for families pursuing an intercountry adoption. The process of intercountry adoption can be lengthy and quite intricate. The ICM staff is here to assist families in navigating the process of intercountry adoption. During the intercountry adoption process, the adoptive family will work with several entities, including their home study agency, placement agency, Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, and foreign governments and organizations. ICM works cooperatively with these entities to ensure that the adoption process is navigated as smoothly as possible.

Criteria for Intercountry Home Study Services


The Intercountry Adoption Process

Note that this is a summary of the main steps in the adoption process... This is not a comprehensive list of the entire process. The adoption process is largely dtermined by teh placement agency, Immigration Services, and the country from which the child is being adopted.


When considering intercountry adoption, there are many countries from which an adoptive family may adopt. Each country determines its' own adoption laws and regulations, in addition to the requirements for families adopting. For additional information regarding the different countries available for intercountry adoption, and the requirements of each foreign country, please visit the United States Department of State website by clicking here. The following list is a synopsis of the countries from which the most adoptions occurred in 2012:


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