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It is the policy of Illini Christian Ministries to prohibit preferential treatment to any of our board members, contributors, volunteers, employees, agents, consultants, or independent contractors or their relatives. Preferential treatment means any action that would allow any party to receive considerations with respect to the placement of a child, or any matter related to adoption services, differently or more favorably than any other applicant.


Domestic Adoption

There are two main avenues by which a domestic adoption is pursued. The first is through the United States Foster Care System. If you are interested in adopting through the U.S. Foster System, please visit the Division of Children and Family Services website.

The second avenue for pursuing a domestic adoption is through Newborn Infant Adoption. The domestic adoption process has changed greatly over the last several decades. In the past, adoptions were very rigid and secretive. Today domestic adoptions can be adapted to the specific needs and desires of the families involved. Adoptions are also something to be cherished and celebrated!

Criteria for Domestic Adoption

It is our goal at Illini Christian Ministries to come alongside adoptive families and work with them through the adoption journey. Each journey is unique and takes a different route, and our competent caseworkers will assist your family through the adoption process. There are several different avenues for pursuing a domestic adoptive placement. The first is by utilizing our agency as your placement agency. Our agency collaborates with local attorneys, pregnancy resource centers, and other adoption agencies in order to maximize our adoption network. The second option for pursuing a domestic placement is by hiring an adoption attorney. Lastly, some families choose to utilize ICM for home study services only, and work with another adoption agency for their adoptive placement. In these cases, ICM works cooperatively with the adoptive family's placement agency.

The Domestic Adoption Process

Note that this is a summary of the main steps in the adoption process… This is not a comprehensive list of the entire process.




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